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Slam Section

01. Rosary
02. Gotta Go
03. Slam Section
04. Time Pulp
05. Spy
06. Spanish Fly
07. Powder
08. Krikkit
09. HC Polluter
10. No Way
11. Ordinary
12. Dorkin' Round
13. Dive And Sink
14. Talking Shit
15. Shark Attack
16. Surfer

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Slam Section


You seek for absolution, that's what you promptly get Just a little rosary, and sin is washed away Inventin' deadly Hitech, precisely killin' stuff You're scum without a scruple, scientist for war CHORUS: I do it for our country bloody hypocrite Just to protect our country bloody hypocrite Your boss's so pleased to have you Because you're creatin' hits Holocaust means nothin', compared to the sales Politicians guarantee increasin' worldwide markets Armarment industry pays this little favors well CHORUS: We do it for our country bloody hypocrites Just protect our country bloody hypocrites Assembly line runs quickly, but workers give a fuck They know what they're producin' Remorse is stunned by cash We're a peaceful country, we don't force a war Our familys aren't in danger, it's all for export zum Seitenanfang

Gotta Go
You get fucked, then thrown to trash, now you wonder why As long as you're thinkin' with your dick, I promise It won´t be the last time CHORUS: Sorry I gotta go now I gotta go now Sorry I gotta go now oh man I'm so busy Sorry I gotta go now I have to leave now Sorry I gotta go now gotta go, gotta go, gotta go now Hey there's Marx, a suburban hard-core Blinded by a mission He's so damned P.C., and it seems to me He's on a bloody crusade "Convert a few, bash the rest", ignore freespeech and reason A latent maniac, tryin' to proselytize, everyone he meets CHORUS: Zack told me, you gotta calm down Your still a nervous bundle Find your middle, activate your chi My zen-master knows advice "Seek oblivion in total emptiness Listen to the rumblin' thunder" Sorry master, but the only sound I hear Is my rumblin' stomach zum Seitenanfang

Slam Section
Something evil is waiting outside, it's just a foreboding But I better play safe Stick my head slowly through the door, nothin' bad in sight Till I drop my basketball CHORUS: Ya know how it feels, deep into shit 2* In my own slamsection It bounces on the road, misses a biker by an inch A little girl runs behind just to pick it up A truck runs her over, so she failed Next this steamroller-truck hits our gas station CHORUS: The station goes up in a civil blast The passing army-convoy takes it personally Soldiers consider it a terrorist-attack So they open fire on everyone CHORUS: All this happens when this U.F.O. lands Sent in peace for trade-relation-talks But a shell blows away their attaché So their laser-guns toast my neighborhood CHORUS: Ya know how it feels not much left of my neighborhood Ya know how it feels none will believe a shit if I tell Ya know how it feels that´s not my day CHORUS:

Time Pulp
Starin' in my glass, absorbed in thought Things turn to colored spots, remind me of nothin'at all Hey, what kind of sensation is this It's not the icecube meltin' in my mouth Extra low function of the brain, not cracked Or brain-dead, not much traffic up there CHORUS: Time is relative Time-pulp Maybe a black-hole Time-pulp Feels like a time-whirl Time-pulp Feels like my brain shrinks Time-pulp Oh I'm tight, I feel like A character, in a trashy novel That one who rescues the lady 3day-beard detective in a crumpled suit The buddy who gets shot twice'n'hou After beating up the bad Just like this two guys at the bar Fighting for this shrill bitch CHORUS: Tryin'to construct a logical chain Of thoughts and feelin's well known to me But I sink deeper and deeper in to the void of despair Askin' myself how did I get here Time pulp 2* Feelin' like a fish, in deep sea water Surrounding is grey, anyone else here? What kind of sparkling thing is this? Hangin' on the line, have to be careful Fish-hook got me, look I'm twistin' Time to wake up, am I human?, time to wake up, wake up!!! CHORUS:

I speed on data-highways On behalf of my client I pick up the trail In a local area net Analysin' private E-mail Trace useful indications Keep track of this beta version And Bingo!! CHORUS: I'm a bountyhunter for the companies In for the fast buck and the thrill Hackin' is business And business runs good! Was in for a moment But "Coutney" chucked me out An installed trojan horse Helped me to sneak in If you need discreet help For illegal operations I'm a qualified expert For undercover missions If you have to spy on a rival firm call us under… Surprise, surprise, sweet victory This haul pay's the rent for years Let's pack this little program For a quick and hidden Download Cover up my track Withdraw on secret routes Deliver and get paid Then I vanish into air CHORUS:

Spanish Fly
Crises, impotence, manly pride trampled to dust Help is badly needed, a potion, black magic Maybe gymnastic Dangerously ill what's the cause Dangerously ill a stress-symptom You need a cure a selfawareness-group? You need a cure what could help me!? Protein, frutti di mare Send all trawlers to the fishing grounds Kill, the last Rhino I need the powder from its horn All a fake no I believe it All a fake hope I feel better Waste of time I paid for it Waste of life shut up, I need ... Praise, the lord Maybe a prayer has the power to lift him up Sacrifice, my property Because the greed made me sick Stupid as shit my master will heal me Stupid as shit my guru will fix him Dangerously ill I seek nirvana Dangerously ill but I still need...

Smash my dreams before sunrise Get my things, creep outside Leavin' for the lift, it´s freezin' cold But I give a fuck Bubble lift takes me above My belly screams: "more booze and drugs" Tell him kindly to shut up Because we´ve reached the top CHORUS: All I really need deep powder My mind goes foamy shit deep powder Glitterin' virgin white deep powder Schubidubidu shut up! let's go! Yeah!, checked it, I'm the first uphill Watch out bindings here come feet A last deep sigh at the downhill run Banzai here I go! CHORUS: Wind whispers go for speed 'til this boring world melts away Searchin' for the next cool jump 360°… whoop Goin' for a rad cross-country ride Karma makes me stay alive Meet my Bros at the main-lodge Start all over again!

Our little idyll went up in flames, when A space-craft crashed onto our land We realized, that we're not alone Which shocked our view of life effectively All joy and laughter stopped abruptly Anger and fear crept into our souls From then on we tried to re-establish Our trusty solitude, the old status quo CHORUS: KRIKKIT, TRILLIONS WIPED OUT XENOPHOBIC, KRIKKIT, TRILLIONS WIPED OUT! So our droids went to clean the universe Finishing off every form of life, on their way They were ambassadors of hate Carrying out farewell wishes, to you all Everything seemed to work according to plan So we thought we were alone again But suprise, our enemies formed an alliance Defeated and proved us oh so wrong They 're a bunch of charmin' and delightful folks You just wouldn't wanna share a galaxy with'em would you? Peaceful coexistence`s just not en vogue, right Judge being PAG could really feel for'em in a way The verdict was "Guilty As Charged" Solitary confinement till the end of time A slow-mo time bubble reestablished Their trusty solitude, the old status quo CHORUS:
Inspired by D. Adams' Life, The Universe And Everything

HC Polluter
Hail to mankind Praise the gods Thanks for our I.Q. For might and main Kill all creatures Which stand in our way We rule the planet With iron fists We give a damn on flora and fauna We settle in the juiciest green Let's remodel the land for it's our will Fields instead Wood and riverbeds CHORUS: We are the crown, of Evolution We are the owners of the whole planet Given by our gods 'till the end of time We are the masters over land and sea We need no conscience, we got prosperity We don't care 'bout poisoning the ocean As long as we got a steady wave to surf We turn our backs on environmental crimes CHORUS: We are the crown of death and destruction We are the plague infecting earth We care a damn 'bout balance of nature Yes all we want is comfort and luxury You can't deny it, it's true! ! Rule! Conquer! Decide! Kill!

No Way
Exposed to millions of ideas I stumbled through my life Strained and uneasy, in my pursuit of happiness Never took the time to think 'bout my course Everyone tried to sell their "doctrine of salvation" Bite back, 4* Confusion is what I still feel where is up and down Instictively I know what's best for me Can't put it into words it's like I'm deaf and dumb But you shoudn't try to stop me 'cause I'm a Punk Bite back, 4* Right then I only knew what I didn't want I question all authority don't tell me how to act Reject any doctrine who knows if I ain't right There's one perfect lifestyle the one I choose to live They want me to obey, no way ! 4* You may call me cynic but I take no shit for truth In fact there's no truth at all and no reality But I'm the middle of my little universe, and that's punk Bite back, 4*

No need to entertain you, just because you paid If you really wanna party, you have to move your ass Hey you drop that coolness, we're not no Hip hop-band This is just DISASTER, want you to dive from stage Listen dude! it's Punkrock! Watch it bros! that's Punkrock! No need to keep that distance, there's no bamboo-trap Didn't plant any mines or start a core meltdown Hey you why don't you pogo, slam-dance is just as good You can sream or sing along, or shout us Kümmerlings Listen dude! it's Punkrock! Watch it bros! that's Punkrock! It's nothin' out of the… ORDINARY! Listen now you footsore dorks, it's time to face the facts Are you men or just mice, 'cause I lose my patience Hey you, you need a slim-down, because you're gettin' fat More drinks and less pogo, made you a coach-potato Listen dude! it's Punkrock! Watch it bros! that's Punkrock! It's nothin' out of the… ORDINARY! It's Punkrock!

Dorkin' Round
Just another contest Without any thrill Fashion fairground For the mid-class kids Baggy trousers, stylish sneakers Shirts that would suit a whale CHORUS: Hey, No Rip some ass or get lost And don't try tell me what skatin's about Hey, are you shiting me? No, you're to blind to see It's a way of life not a goddamn trend So don't try tell me what skatin's about Coolness counts On the streetstyle ground Dorkin' 'round in clumsy runs Almost fallin' asleep on their deck Bailin' more tricks than they check Decline of the good ol' skatin' spirit CHORUS: Hip Hop sucks Forget this half assed crap Energy level's down at zero Go for the real stuff if you dare Skate-core is the power surge That really makes you wanna rip

Dive And Sink
If the world is kickin' your little ass around And you feel that no one really loves you CHORUS: Then it's time for self-pity No companion in distress Dive in and sink The sea of disillusion Lean back and indulge the blues Drivin' salt in the wound Drown in a thick soup called self-pity Everything you say gets misunderstood And no one cares if you're feelin' bad Yeah, you never had the chance to express yourself Society ignores your precious talents CHORUS: Blame it on bad karma that you're born to loose For this fucked up attitude there's no excuse Why don't you focus all that negative energy On kickin' your own butt for a remedy

Talking Shit
They're talkin' shit 2* Could've been a party, strung out and loud But the evil appeared, bla, bla, bla All laughter freezes, they're back in business Whole time they go, bla, bla, bla Red shoes, red fur, which demon made a home in her Why had it to be me, she's talkin' shit Black soul, black nails, nobody could rescue me Where did her common sense go? she's talkin' shit Could've been a party, strung out and loud But the evil appeared, bla, bla, bla All laughter freezes, they're back in business Whole time they go, bla, bla, bla She's talkin' shit,why had it to be me, Wish her six feet under and myself far away Blue suit, green coat, he's surely send from hell Less I.Q. than a cookie, he's talkin' shit Loudmouth, showoff, he's the beast that won´t go What have I done to deserve this, he's talkin' shit He's talkin' shit, why had it to be me Wish him six feet under and myself far away Submarine, on moon, they've been there long ago No place on earth they haven't seen, they're talkin' shit Piercin', tattoos, trend-whores are still up front And the last answer is forty-two, they're talkin' shit Could've been a party, strung out and loud But the evil appeared, bla, bla, bla All laughter freezes, they´re back in business Whole time they go, bla, bla, bla They're talkin' shit, why had it to be me Wish 'em six feet under and myself far away Talkin' shit!

Shark Attack
A bunch of hungry sharkies Meet up at the beach Their delicious human buffet Slowly surfs in reach CHORUS: Waiter, tell us, what's on the menue Any, specials, prepared for us today Cause we're hungry, we wanna gormandize Only the best is good enough for us If this posse's in a snapping mood Nothing will be left for good If you really have to surf here dude You´ll end up as sharky-food Yeah, all the friends have gathered Chatin' bout their latest catch Rudy the "Great White" show-off Brags 'bout this chick from Bay Watch CHORUS:

Sold my hypophysis cause I only wanna surf Never waste a thought on the fair sex Keep my view fixed on the holy aim Try to give my style the final shape CHORUS: 2* I need the wave TSUNAMI!! I want the wave I want the wave Let me ride the big one No hardcore spot I didn't rule Yet most locals treat me like a fool Train each day for the ultimate tsunami While they waste time posin' on the beach CHORUS: repeat Ordered a tactical warhead Placed it on the St. Andreas Rift Gonna ride the big one, wash 'em all away Yeah, future belongs to handmade waves

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